USA: United States Mint Proof Set 2022

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Product DetailsThis 2022-S United States Proof set includes 10 Proof coins minted with the "S" mint mark, including five quarters from the new American Women Quarters program.
Set Highlights:

  • Each set is housed in the original mint packaging.
  • This set features the following coins:
    • Native American Dollar
    • Kennedy Half Dollar
    • Roosevelt Dime
    • Jefferson Nickel
    • Lincoln Cent
  • American Women Quarters featured in this set include:
    • Maya Angelou - famous author and social advocate
    • Dr. Sally Ride - first American woman to travel in space
    • Wilma Mankiller - first female chief of the Cherokee Nation
    • Nina Otero-Warren - strong leader in the women's suffrage movement in New Mexico
    • Anna May Wong - first Chinese American woman successful in acting, directing and producing films
  • All above coins minted in San Francisco.